As a commercial building owner, you might not think much about the roof on your property aside from the regular maintenance check by a reliable contractor. As long as it does its job of protecting your property and your tenants against the weather, you can focus on managing the most important aspects of managing your business. However, even if you think you thoroughly know your commercial roofing system, it’s inevitable to hear about certain myths and misconceptions about commercial roof replacement.

It’s important to remember that misconceptions are common in virtually any industry, which can be detrimental to people who aren’t aware of the real truth behind them. The commercial roofing industry is no exception — some property managers and owners may blindly believe in these half-truths despite working with experienced professionals. Such misconceptions have the power to affect how they decide to manage their roof and end up with costly repairs.

International Construction Services, Inc., one of the best commercial roofers in the area, uncover the truth behind some of the biggest commercial roofing myths.

MYTH #1: As long as there are no leaks, there’s no need to worry.

Even if there are no obvious signs of leaks or damage, your commercial roof can still be at risk. Many significant roof repairs start from problems that weren’t addressed properly or were neglected for a long period. To avoid unnecessary costs, make sure your commercial roof gets inspected by a trusted contractor at least twice a year, and repairs and replacements are made to address potentially damaging issues.

MYTH #2: It’s normal to have wrinkled membrane roofs.

This issue is most commonly seen in TPO and EPDM roofs. Although wrinkled membranes aren’t that big of a problem on their own, they might indicate underlying errors during the installation process or that the adhesives used to piece them together have failed. If it’s the latter, you should call in a trusted roofing contractor to perform extensive flat roof repair as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

MYTH #3: Maintenance is optional for new roofs.

Commercial roofing systems are only as effective as how well they are taken care of and maintained. Maintenance checks must be done routinely, even if the roof is newly installed. Ignoring annual inspections can put your commercial roof at risk of damage due to long-term wear and tear caused by the weather, foot traffic or debris. Furthermore, maintenance tasks should also only be done by expert roofers to keep your roof warranty intact.

MYTH #4: All commercial roofs are the same.

Commercial roofs come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials. They are also designed with distinctive features to meet unique requirements and local building codes. Generally, the most popular commercial roofing options are single-layer membrane roofing, built-up roofing and metal roofing. Your trusted roofer can offer professional insight to help you decide on what roofing type to get for your building. Most of the time, aspects such as local climate, type of building and its orientation are taken into account.

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