Metal Roofing Spotlight: The Benefits of Copper Roofs

Never heard of copper roofing before? Well, you’re not alone. In some states and countries, installing a copper roof is not something homeowners always consider, mainly because other types of metals, such as standing seam and aluminum, are often more popular for residential roofs. However, more and more homeowners are now recognizing the many benefits of copper roofing over other traditional roofing types.

With proper maintenance and upkeep, those who use copper roofs can expect their systems to last for many years. Copper roofing typically costs higher than other alternatives, but the cost pays off over the life of the roof, as homeowners save on frequent repair costs. If you still need some convincing to consider this roofing type for your next upgrade, International Construction Services, Inc., your go-to metal roofer in the region, is here to break down the reasons copper roofs are a valuable investment.

A Background on Copper Roofs

Copper is actually one of the oldest metals in the world. In the Copper Age, skilled craftsmen used this durable and versatile brownish material to make tools and weapons. Fast forward a few centuries, copper then became a reliable building material used in the construction of cathedral roofs and exquisite domes.

To this day, there are still plenty of ancient medieval structures that manage to maintain their original copper materials, which involve roofs. Copper is now mass-produced around the world and is readily available in strips or sheets, can perform greatly at any temperature and boasts significant longevity. That is why a growing number of modern structures — residential or commercial — are now using copper to protect them.

What Copper Roofing Offers

Before getting roofing quotes, it’s smart to get a full understanding first of what you’ll get if you ever decide to install copper roofs. Copper has been the choice of architects and construction companies for hundreds of years. Many buildings are capped with it because the material’s weather protection is above the rest. The benefits of copper roofs include:

  • Durability and resistance. Copper roofs are so strong, they can stay intact for 50 years or more. This ensures your property will remain safe from intense weather conditions and not lose a significant portion of its value over time. Their durability mainly stems from the fact that it is highly resistant to conditions like hail, mildew, mold and fire.
  • Easy to install and shape. Unlike other materials, copper won’t put as much stress on your structure. This means you won’t have to spend on additional support components, reducing installation costs in the process. Its light weightiness is also advantageous during heavy storms or snow, which can add a lot of extra weight to a roof. Due to its flexibility also, copper is a good choice for irregular roof shapes, that’s why it’s so commonly used for domes and even churches.
  • Cost efficiency. Although copper may be a bit costly at first, due to its durability and low maintenance, it can save you time and money in the long haul. Moreover, it is also a great energy-efficient choice, saving you money as it helps regulate heating and cooling in your home.

If you’re searching online for “roofers in my area who install copper roofs,” you don’t have to look further. International Construction Services, Inc. has been installing copper roofing in hundreds of homes and buildings in the region for many years. Schedule a FREE consultation with us by calling (803) 699-5106 or completing our contact form today.

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