Metal roofs are one of the longest-lasting roofing types you can find. If properly installed, a metal roofing system typically extends beyond that of just about any other material — it can last for 40 years or even longer. Another wonderful quality of metal roofs is that they have relatively fewer maintenance requirements compared with other roofing types on the market. However, many homeowners tend to mistake “low maintenance” for “no maintenance”, resulting in the neglect of their roof.

Here’s the good news: there are some steps you can take to keep your metal roof at the top of its game, always. International Construction Services, Inc., the premier residential and industrial commercial roofing contractor in the region, lists a few maintenance steps you can take to keep your metal roof performing at its best. 

Never Walk on Your Metal Roof

While this applies to all types of roofing systems, walking on the roof is especially dangerous on metal surfaces. Their smooth finish increases the risk of slipping and potential injury, particularly if you’re not using proper safety equipment. Certain types of footwear may also puncture the exterior of the roof, such as the seams.

Use a Hose for Cleaning

A metal roof’s exterior may not be the best surface to walk on, but it makes it way easier to clean and maintain. In fact, all it takes to remove leaves and debris from the roof is some water. Professional maintenance is still the best way to go, but for immediate cleaning tasks, roof replacement experts recommend using a garden hose with an extension sprayer — not a pressure washer — to simulate rain on the metal roof’s surface. As a result, the water will push the leaves and debris towards the roof’s edge and down to your gutters and downspouts.

Make Cleaning the Gutters a Habit

Eventually, the leaves and debris you’ve cleaned off the roof will be directed into the gutters, so make it a point to clear them out as part of your roofing maintenance routine. You can even take it to the next level by installing gutter guards. Designed to filter out debris, they help keep the gutters clean, which helps prevent unwanted clogging and overflowing. Some types of gutter guards are designed like a sieve while others are like hoods that let leaves and debris fall straight to the ground.

Keep Dissimilar Metal Materials at Bay

When two different types of metal come in contact under an electrolyte such as water, galvanic corrosion happens. This typically happens when the roof installer uses fasteners made of a different metal than the roofing surface itself. So, if your roof is made of copper, for instance, it’s smart to avoid using steel brush or wool to clean it. These tools can leave particles on the roof that, over time, can corrode and develop tiny holes.
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