Repainting the Roof This Winter? Try These Colors

Winter is one of the most ideal times to perform long-overdue renovation projects. From roof replacement to deck installation and beyond, homeowners can accomplish them during this season. Winter is usually the slow season for contractors, which means that most probably, your chosen contractor will have the time to start your project earlier, and stay focused on quick, successful completion of your home upgrade. The holidays might also provide a great chance to take advantage of huge discounts on renovation materials, services, decors, and even appliances you need to purchase.

When thinking about winter renovations, many homeowners choose to repaint their roofs or install new shingles to give their homes a fresh look. After all, their roofs represent the majority of their home’s overall curb appeal. Need ideas on which roof color to choose for your winter roofing project? The experts at International Construction Services, Inc. shares these fantastic options to boost not just your home’s curb appeal, but also its energy-saving properties.


White shingles are often most popular with homeowners who are looking to transform their homes into cool, green spaces. White reflects light and heat rather than absorbs it, so on hot days, a white roof is more beneficial to keep your house cool, allowing your cooling systems to work less, and saving you money. In addition, white roofs give off that clean, elegant vibe that increases not just the beauty of a home, but its resale value as well. 

Dark Brown

Dark-colored shingles are often considered the hottest roof shingles for replacement and new construction roofing systems, as they typically absorb heat better than any other color. However, during periods of cooler temperatures, such as on winter days, dark roofs lose heat at about the same rate as other colors. During the hottest part of these cooler days, your dark brown roof will keep your house warm and cut down on your heating bills. On top of that, it will give your home that warm, sophisticated look from the outside.

Grey or Multi-Colored

In the same way, multi-colored roof shingles that include black, brown, and white specks also help bring down heating and cooling costs, as the black and brown absorb heat, and the white reflects heat. The two colors balance out the effects of outdoor temperatures on your roof, neutralizing your heating and cooling costs to better reflect the actual temperature outside. Most importantly, grey and multi-colored roofs offer a unique aesthetic that makes your home stand out from the rest in your neighborhood.

For the right shingle colors and all your roofing needs, there’s only one name you’ll have to remember: International Construction Services, Inc. We provide professional roofing services that help you make the most of your investment. To get a free consultation or estimate, call us now at (803) 699-5106 or fill out our contact form

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