Repainting the Roof This Winter? Try These Colors

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Winter is one of the most ideal times to perform long-overdue renovation projects. From roof replacement to deck installation and beyond, homeowners can accomplish them during this season. Winter is usually the slow season for contractors, which means that most probably, your chosen contractor will have the time to start your project earlier, and stay […]

Why Does Your Metal Roof Leak and What Can You Do About It?

Metal roofs are preferred by countless homeowners because of the amazing benefits they offer. These are naturally durable, sustainable and energy-efficient, and don’t usually require much maintenance. Even a painted metal roof can last for years and retain 95% of its original reflectance and emittance over time. However, even if a contractor uses the most […]

Winter Prep: Roof Maintenance Checklist for North Carolina Homeowners

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With the colder weather and the holiday season fast approaching, your home’s roofing system may be the last thing on your mind. After all, winter in the country’s southeast region isn’t typically as harsh as in other areas, but rather a respite from powerful hurricanes and the intense summer heat. However, it’s not smart to […]

BBB Accreditation: What an A+ Rating Means for Homeowners

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Deciding to repair or replace your roofing in Columbia, SC, is a big investment. For one, it is the primary exterior system responsible for keeping your home and valuables safe from harsh weather conditions, such as extreme heat, high winds, strong storms, and sharp-hitting hail.

All About Commercial Roof Flashing: What You Need to Know

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While you may not think about them regularly, your commercial roofing system and its flashings are instrumental in ensuring the longevity, safety, and success of your business. When rainwater penetrates your building through your roof, it tends to make wet, unsightly spots on the walls and ceilings. Not only are water stains unpleasant to look […]