Metal roofs are preferred by countless homeowners because of the amazing benefits they offer. These are naturally durable, sustainable and energy-efficient, and don’t usually require much maintenance. Even a painted metal roof can last for years and retain 95% of its original reflectance and emittance over time. However, even if a contractor uses the most ideal metal roofing products for their services, the high quality of the roof sheets won’t make a difference if the installation isn’t done correctly.

Metal Roofing

Our experts at International Construction Services, Inc. agrees that you shouldn’t have to repair or replace metal roofs for quite some time after installation. Unfortunately, some homeowners choose the DIY route or hire a cheap roofer to keep their expenses at a minimum. They might not notice any problem until a rainstorm or a blizzard comes along, which often leads to emergency repair or replacement.

Keep in mind that a brand-new metal roof must not have leaks. If it does, it’s typically due to one of these four reasons:

Missing Roof Sealants

Application of metal roof sealants should be done after your metal roof installation. However, while they help stop moisture, you can’t use these sealants as permanent leak barriers. They also need to be properly applied by professionals. That’s why it is important to have an expert conduct regular inspection and maintenance, especially in parts that use sealants such as flashings, roof edges, and valleys. High-quality metal roof sealant is a must to ensure that your roof will last and remain strong, durable, and flexible.

Poorly Driven Screws

Placing metal screws at the wrong angle will eventually permit water to seep through and penetrate your metal roof. Poorly driven roofing screws are often either overdriven or underdriven and misaligned with the roofing sheets. To prevent these, work with a professional metal roofing contractor to ensure metal roofing screws are driven properly, keeping moisture from making its way to your roof and ceiling. These screws must fit perfectly with your rubber washers, forming a gasket firmly compressed against your roof’s surface.

Rusty Areas

Older roofs, as well as those installed improperly, will eventually rust. Rust can then cause damage in several areas of your roof, creating cracks and gaps which then let water penetrate your foundation and enter your home. International Construction Services, Inc. works with only the most reputable, high-quality roofing manufacturers, ensuring materials are crafted to the best standards to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Poor-Quality Fasteners

Exposed fastener systems that aren’t engineered to last long can allow moisture to seep through the screw holes. Fasteners are typically exposed because of vibrations from wind or freezing and thawing, pushing fasteners up and causing gaps in the seam laps. If this is a problem for you and you want to evaluate different metal roof types for replacement, it’s best to install standing-seam metal roofs. The fasteners are hidden in this roofing type, eliminating the issue.

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