4 Home Architectural Styles and Roofs That Match Them

Installing a new roof can dramatically change the way you look at your home. This is because the roof is one of the largest parts of your home’s exterior, representing up to 40% of its overall curb appeal. That said, getting rid of a worn-out roof and replacing it with a new, stylish one can […]

Everything You Need to Know About Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has become more popular in the United States than it used to be. How many times have you spotted a metal roof as you were driving through your neighborhood? Why has your neighbor picked this roofing type and will this also match your home? The answer is probably yes.

Roofer Red Flags: How to Spot Dishonest Contractors

Unfortunately, many fail to distinguish good roofers from bad ones, and thus end up with an unfinished, frustrating project. International Construction Services, Inc., your trusted contemporary metal roof contractor, shares common red flags to watch out for when hiring a roofer. They Don’t Have a Portfolio Before hiring a contractor, you’ll want to see some of their […]

Stop Believing These 5 Roof Storm Damage Myths

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It’s important to repair damaged roofing as soon as possible. The problem is, by the time most homeowners realize the need to fix leaks and attend to other warning signs, it’s already too late. While it’s naturally impossible for an average homeowner to detect the slightest signs of damage, some choose to brush the biggest […]

Why Metal Roofing is a Worthy Investment

Metal Roof Restoration

You need to consider a lot of things when choosing the right material for your roof replacement. From evaluating how the climate in your region will impact your roofing to assessing the longevity of each material, weighing your options can sometimes be an overwhelming process.