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Few things are as concerning to a homeowner as a roof in need of repair. Whether it’s visible damage to the exterior, shingle damage from storms or pests, or the dreaded interior roof leak, roof problems need to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent damage.

There are a lot of reasons that roof repair gets put off or ignored, particularly if a homeowner keeps a busy schedule, but the consequences can be disastrous: Roof issues are often worse than they may look.

Signs Your Roof May Be Damaged:

  • Visibly damaged or missing shingles
  • Granules in your gutters or under the drain spout
  • Unusually strong drafts from existing chimneys
  • Cracking or peeling on flat roofs
  • Yellow or gray stains on ceiling
  • “Sweating” ceilings or walls
  • Rodent or insect activity near soffits or gutters

What Are the Benefits of Fixing My Roof?

Most notably, repairing your roof while a problem is still relatively small prevents big emergency repair bills in the future. In the immediate sense, a repaired roof safeguards your belongings by preventing leaks as well as protecting drywall and interior structures from water that could grow illness-causing mold and mildew. When a roof directs water through gutters properly, homeowners in South Carolina are also spared the ugly green moss and mildew that tends to spread on siding in the humid months.

If you live in a community with a homeowner’s association and housing appearance rules, neglecting your roof can also rack up potential fines and fees!

Don’t Live Under Damages!

Are you in need of roof repair for your North Carolina, South Carolina or Georgia-area home? International Construction Services offers fast, professional roof repair services as well as options for re-roofing your home to ensure lasting quality and durability you can depend on.

We offer all types of roofing materials, including energy-efficient metal roof installation. Whether you know the type of service your home’s roof needs already or you’d like our team to do an assessment to give you best options and a budget.

Worried about roof damage? Contact ICS for your roof repair today!