A well-built fireplace offers a sense of warmth and invitation to your home, even well after its embers have died down. At International Construction Services, we capture that feeling in every beautifully built stone fireplace we install. And ICS offers both indoor and outdoor fireplace construction to give you maximum design and living space options. From small fireplaces to large hearths, we’re able to meet your needs through and to deliver a high-quality product you’re sure to love and enjoy for many years to come.

Our fireplaces aren’t “prefab”—they’re built stone by stone because we feel our customers deserve nothing less.

Why Should I Add a Fireplace to My Home?

  • Outdoor fireplaces offer a great social gathering spot year-round.
  • They improve your home’s value and appeal to future buyers.
  • Fireplaces provide an extra source of warmth in the chilly winter months.
  • They are the ultimate “conversation pit” upgrade.
  • A fireplace is the ideal setting for enjoying a meal or glass of wine with friends.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Stone Fireplace?

Because each of our fireplaces is “stone by stone” construction, you’re not just getting a beautiful new feature for your home—you’re getting a work of art, assembled in place by our highly-trained team. There are none of the pre-fab “hiccups” to worry about—no damaged or missing pieces out of the box—because your new fireplace didn’t come out of a box in the first place. We build everything with safety in mind first and foremost, followed by stellar design an artistic eye can appreciate.

Price Quotes for Stone Fireplace Installation

If you’d like to add a beautiful stone fireplace to your South Carolina, North Carolina, or Georgia area home, ICS offers a wide variety of stone styles and fireplace configurations to match your indoor and outdoor design needs. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to make suggestions and come up with the perfect custom fireplace for your home. You deserve a durable, attractive fireplace to enjoy with friends and family—let us bring it to life.

Contact us for a quote today and you could be cozied up to a warm stone fireplace in no time!