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For many South Carolina area homeowners, the idea of a metal roof is appealing but persistent myths about metal roofing may be hindering the decision-making process. At ICS, we’re happy to put these myths to rest once and for all and help you decide which metal roof is right for your home, too!

Here’s a few of the more well-known-though baseless—worries that homeowners have about metal roofs and why they shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

  • Does a metal roof attract lightning?

    The correct, scientific answer is, “no more than any other roofing material.” That’s right—metal alone doesn’t entice lightning any more noticeably than a shingle roof, and heads for the highest point in a stormy area, regardless of material. That’s why trees and telephone poles are common strike targets. In fact, a metal roof may actually protect you in the unlikely event of a house strike—the metal disburses the charge evenly and can’t catch fire or spark like an asphalt roof might.

  • Does a metal roof rust?

    No, a metal roof won’t rust. Modern metal roofing materials are treated with a permanent, bonded layer of non-corrosive metal, such as zinc, specifically to ensure they don’t rust

  • Is a metal roof loud?

    You might picture a piece of sheet metal booming in the wind, or an old, rattling, tin barn when you think about metal roofing. In fact, modern metal roofing uses a sophisticated interlocking tile system that dampens external noise for more peace and quiet in the home. In some cases, it even provides better noise insulation than its asphalt counterparts!

  • Can I walk on my metal roof?

    DIY gutter cleaners rejoice! Yes, you can definitely walk on a metal roof to clean your gutters, maintain and inspect roofing components, and so on. As with any roof, you’ll want to be careful to avoid falls, wear the right shoes, and know the pitch of your roof, but a metal roof is more than sturdy enough to support your weight.

Getting metal roof installation for your South Carolina, North Carolina, or Georgia home adds beauty, longevity, and peace of mind to your house for many years to come. Don’t let stubborn, incorrect myths steer you away from this excellent roof choice! Instead, contact ICS to discuss your metal roofing options and start believing in metal roof performance, not myths!