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South Carolina : (803) 699-5106
North Carolina : (919) 322-5114

Top Commercial Roofing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Commercial Roofing

The roof installed on your commercial structure is responsible for protecting everyone and everything inside the building, from your employees and tenants to each and every structural component. Roof leaks can eventually result in rots and mold, which then lead to broken equipment, damaged furnishings, as well as health and safety hazards. That said, it’s […]

Need a New Roof? Here’s the Guide You’re Looking For

Metal Roof Restoration

Of all the things you do to keep your home sturdy and beautiful, replacing a damaged roof is probably the most important. If you notice any signs of damage on your old roof, it’s best to take care of it as soon as you can. Ignoring these issues can result in catastrophic problems from all […]

Storm Chasers: What are They and How Do You Avoid Them

View All Roof Storm Damage Restoration Services

Yes, the stories you’ve heard about storm chasers and their shady activities are true. In most cases, fly-by-night contractors like them drive around neighborhoods after powerful storms, with plans of preying on unsuspecting homeowners. They may point to obvious issues — broken shingles and gutters here, fallen branches there — to fuel their actions, but […]

The Unique Benefits of Stone Masonry for Homes

Thinking of new ways to make your home stand out? Investing in quality stone elements for your home’s exterior, such as an outdoor fireplace, patios, and accent columns, can add a visually appealing effect to your property. Stonework comes in an extensive array of materials, from natural stone and bricks to concrete and manufactured stone […]

Why You Should Hire a Local Roofer For Your Next Project

Complete Roofing Services

If you do a quick online search for a metal roof installation company, you’ll probably get dozens of results. With all the available options, how would you know which one to choose for your project? For starters, it’s important to know that many of those contractors don’t even operate within the local region. A lot […]