Uncovering the Truth Behind 4 Common Storm Damage Myths

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South and North Carolina, as well as Georgia, are some of the most vulnerable states in the U.S. to be frequented by hurricanes and tropical storms. That said, it’s understandable that local homeowners frequently deal with storm damage on their roofs. Damage to the roof, especially after a powerful storm has passed, can either be […]

Metal Roofing: Tips and Tricks to Care for Your Roof

Metal roofs are one of the longest-lasting roofing types you can find. If properly installed, a metal roofing system typically extends beyond that of just about any other material — it can last for 40 years or even longer. Another wonderful quality of metal roofs is that they have relatively fewer maintenance requirements compared with […]

5 Key Must-Haves of a Roofing Warranty

Roof replacements and new constructions are projects that often involve significant investment. Besides the materials to use and contractor to hire, one important thing to consider during your planning process is the warranty. Of course, you want your new roofing system to stay protected against poor workmanship, incorrect installation, and substandard products. Before hiring a […]

Top Commercial Roofing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Commercial Roofing

The roof installed on your commercial structure is responsible for protecting everyone and everything inside the building, from your employees and tenants to each and every structural component. Roof leaks can eventually result in rots and mold, which then lead to broken equipment, damaged furnishings, as well as health and safety hazards. That said, it’s […]

Need a New Roof? Here’s the Guide You’re Looking For

Metal Roof Restoration

Of all the things you do to keep your home sturdy and beautiful, replacing a damaged roof is probably the most important. If you notice any signs of damage on your old roof, it’s best to take care of it as soon as you can. Ignoring these issues can result in catastrophic problems from all […]