BBB Accreditation: What an A+ Rating Means for Homeowners

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Deciding to repair or replace your roofing in Columbia, SC, is a big investment. For one, it is the primary exterior system responsible for keeping your home and valuables safe from harsh weather conditions, such as extreme heat, high winds, strong storms, and sharp-hitting hail.

4 North Carolina Roofing Issues to Watch Out for in Spring

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As the weather gets warmer, most North Carolina homeowners are starting with their spring cleaning duties to help their homes recover from the winter cold. Aside from maintaining and enhancing your home’s interior, though, you also need to pay attention to the outside, particularly your roof. After all, this vital exterior component protects your entire […]

3 Awesome Roofing Resolutions for the New Year

Are you making New Year’s resolutions for your roof? A lot of homeowners don’t even pay attention to their roofs until they start causing problems, let alone make resolutions for them. While that is the case, making New Year’s resolutions for your roof is an excellent way to make sure you’re protecting your home and […]

Winter and Roofing: When Should You Remove Snow from Your Roof?

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The winter season brings one of the biggest enemies of roofing systems across the country — snow. Snow can be damaging for roofs for many reasons, but its most significant impact is ice damming. When the heat from your home melts the snow resting on top of your roof, the melted water drains down the […]

The Unique Benefits of Stone Masonry for Homes

Thinking of new ways to make your home stand out? Investing in quality stone elements for your home’s exterior, such as an outdoor fireplace, patios, and accent columns, can add a visually appealing effect to your property. Stonework comes in an extensive array of materials, from natural stone and bricks to concrete and manufactured stone […]