4 Reasons Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Replace Your Georgia Roof

As the leading asphalt shingle replacement service company in Georgia, we are often asked, “When is the best time to replace a roof?” While our team is able to perform roof replacement in any season of the year, we’ve found that one season, in particular, tends to be better than the rest: autumn.

Steps to Take When Your Roof Has Wind Damage

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Even when a storm comes without rain or hail, your South Carolina and North Carolina roof can still get damaged. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), South Carolina and North Carolina are among the 10 states hit the hardest by different types of storms and high winds. Powerful high winds can produce […]

Why Spring is the Best Time to Repair or Replace Your Roof

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Here in South Carolina, spring is a beautiful time of the year filled with clear, gorgeous days and perfect temperatures. For many, it’s the best time to explore the world outside after a long, cold winter. Aside from hopping on adventures, though, spring is also the ideal time to perform exterior renovations, particularly roof repairs […]