Fall Roof Maintenance Checklist for Southeastern Homes

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Fall has officially arrived in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia and with it, the mild autumn weather we’re all looking forward to. However, with occasional high winds and debris caused by falling leaves this season, it’s still a must to prepare your roof for the coming months ahead to avoid any potential issues down […]

Why Stone Masonry is Better than Brick Masonry

Stone Column Installation

If you’re in the market for a new house in Columbia or if you’re interested in boosting the curb appeal of your home in Greenville, you may be torn between using stone or brick masonry for your exterior. Similarly, if you are planning to upgrade your fireplace or wanting to add an accent wall to […]

Georgia Roofing: FAQs When Considering a Roof Replacement

Georgia weather isn’t exactly the most consistent in the country. It can be cold and cloudy one day, the next day it’s in the high 80s, then the next it’s raining cats and dogs. Georgia is notorious for its “crazy” weather patterns and its residents sometimes have no idea how to deal with these conditions. […]

3 Things That May Put Your South Carolina Roof at Risk

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Your South Carolina roof plays a significant role in keeping your home beautiful and well-protected. Depending on the type of material it is made of, your roofing system may be able to last 30 to 50 years, or sometimes even more. Nonetheless, knowing what things can cause damage to your roof and how to handle […]

Top 4 Roofing Materials to Consider for Your Local Property

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When was the last time you replaced your home’s roof? While getting a new roof may not be the most interesting way to spend your time, chances are, if you can’t recall the last time you had your roof replaced or installed, it may be time for a new one. When choosing the right material, […]