There are many roofing options out there today for homeowners looking to upgrade their systems. However, none are increasing in popularity quite as quickly as metal roofing. Metal roofs are a great option that’s been used for commercial buildings for centuries and are now making their way over to the residential side of things.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Let’s face it: Metal roofs are surrounded by different myths, leading some homeowners to think about whether or not they’re a good choice for their project. For instance, rumors presuppose that metal roofs contribute a lot to energy loss and are noisier than regular asphalt shingles. Time and again, these myths are debunked by well-researched facts. International Construction Services, Inc., one of the top roof repair companies in the region, shares X interesting facts you should know about metal roofs.

They Are Energy-Efficient

Industry studies have proven that metal roofing effectively reflects solar radiant heat, reducing cooling costs by up to 10% to 25%. This is particularly helpful in climates where cooling costs are higher than heating costs. Additionally, coating a metal roof with a shiny or granular coating can increase its reflective capacity and further improve energy efficiency. 

They Are Not As Noisy As You Think

When planning for complete roofing and repair, some homeowners may be hesitant to use metal due to the assumption that they’re noisy when rain or hail falls on them. In reality, metal is hardly any noisier than other roofing materials when properly installed. Metal roofs are usually installed over a solid substrate, with the attic and insulation adding another layer of the sound barrier. People indoors typically don’t notice any increase in noise levels after having a metal roof installed. 

They Do Not Attract Lighting

Metal is no more likely than any other material when struck by lightning. In fact, in the unlikely event that lightning does strike a metal roof, it will be safer because metal is less combustible compared with traditional materials like wood shakes and asphalt. Several factors affect the probability of a lightning strike, such as the area’s topography and the size and height of structures on the site. Most of the time, lightning seeks the tallest object to strike, which is why trees, telephone lines, and other tall structures are more likely to get hit by lightning — regardless of the material.

They Are Resistant to Rot, Fire, and Insect Damage

Metal roofing is a popular choice for Columbia roof repair and replacement due to a number of amazing benefits, one of them is because it is virtually fire-proof. Furthermore, it is also proven to be resistant to insect damage, as insects like termites can’t eat metal. Homeowners also don’t have to worry about mildew and rot. Metal roofing also conducts heat quickly so ice and snow will likely slide off faster than other roofing types.

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