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South Carolina : (803) 699-5106
North Carolina : (919) 322-5114

You need to consider a lot of things when choosing the right material for your roof replacement. From evaluating how the climate in your region will impact your roofing to assessing the longevity of each material, weighing your options can sometimes be an overwhelming process.

Metal Roofing Installation

One roofing type that is becoming more and more popular with homeowners across Georgia and the Carolinas is metal roofing. Made from materials like copper, aluminum, and galvanized steel, this roofing type comes in various styles, including interlocking prefabricated and standing metal seam roof. International Construction Services, Inc. discusses what makes metal roofing an aesthetically appealing and reliable choice for your residential or commercial upgrade.

Durability and Longevity

Metal roofs last longer than most roofing materials available on the market. In a humid subtropical climate like ours, where summers are long and sultry and heavy rainfall is uncommon, you want a roof that can protect you from the brunt of intense weather conditions. Many roofing materials need replacement around 10 years after installation, but metal roofs will last much longer, especially when properly maintained. On average, they can give your protection for as long as 50 years. Metal roofs don’t only protect against the weather; they also free you from the threat of termites, molds, and roof discoloration.

Energy Efficiency

Another reason metal is the top roofing material of choice among local homeowners is that it’s one of the most environment-friendly options. Most metal roofing types are made from recycled materials — such as aluminum — which are typically recyclable. In addition, the surface of metal roofs reflects the sun’s heat instead of absorbing it. As a result, your home will remain much cooler with a metal roof installation, saving you electricity costs in the long run.

Curb Appeal

Unlike traditional metal roofs that come with corrugated panels, the metal roofs of today come in a sleek, sharp appearance that can boost the appearance of any home or building. They are available in a wide range of colors to complement any architectural style. Furthermore, they can be made to resemble shakes, shingles, and other roofing types

Low Maintenance

Along with being resistant to both rot and discoloration, metal roofing is pretty easy to keep in tip-top shape. With no annual staining or painting requirements, you will save time on upkeep over the years. You can maintain clean panels by simply spraying them with a gentle water hose or pressure washer. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a professional look into your roof once in a while; after all, expert roofers can spot any damage and act on it right away. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is 100% protected from the elements.

Now that you’ve explored the biggest benefits of installing metal roofs, nothing is stopping you from making the best decision for your property! A metal roof won’t only protect you from extreme weather and temperatures; it will also save you from unnecessary expenses down the road.

If you’re ready to invest in a 5V, standing seam, or copper roof installation, turn to International Construction Services, Inc. We are your source of metal roofing that’s done professionally, with topnotch workmanship and extensive guarantee. Call us at (803) 699-5106 or fill out our form today to get an estimate.

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  1. It got me when you said that metal roofs would be able to last much longer than ten years after installation. I guess the time has come for a metal re-roofing for the property that I inherited from my parents. From what I know, it has been erected when I wasn’t even born yet, so it is already at it’s 20th year or more.

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