As the leading asphalt shingle replacement service company in Georgia, we are often asked, “When is the best time to replace a roof?” While our team is able to perform roof replacement in any season of the year, we’ve found that one season, in particular, tends to be better than the rest: autumn.

Fall in Georgia boasts warm, pleasant days in general. Not too hot nor too cold, it’s usually a good time to prepare your home’s protection against the upcoming winter season. However, you’ll want to schedule your roof replacement in advance because most roofing contractors are busy during this time of year. Many homeowners see the advantage of upgrading their roofs during fall, that’s why you have to plan properly and allow for schedule flexibility to you can enter winter with a new sturdy roof over your head.

Here are four reasons why you should schedule your roof replacement in fall.

1. You don’t have to worry about storms.

The months of September, October, and November are usually Georgia’s driest, which means delays caused by rainy conditions and water damage are minimized, if not eliminated. In terms of severe rainfall and winds that can damage roofs, spring and summer seasons have far worse weather than fall. The generally milder conditions and elements of fall make it the best time to replace your Georgia roof without being interrupted by strong winds and thunderstorms.

2. Mild temperatures make it easy to install shingles.

Ask an expert roof replacement contractor about what they consider the perfect temperatures for installing roofing, and most likely, they will answer between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That range is particularly important if you’re planning to install an asphalt shingle roof. In these conditions, your shingles can easily form a thermal seal, bonding with each other and the roof. They will not become soft and damaged easily because the temperatures are not warm enough to break them. Additionally, the installation crew will be able to work faster without overheating.

3. You could save on heating.

Another reason why fall is the best time of year to install a replacement roof is due to the potential savings on heating costs when winter arrives. Naturally, a new roof can provide better insulation in your home, which, in turn, can translate to huge savings on your electricity bill. These savings may offset some of the costs involved with the new roof renovations.

4. Your roof benefits from ample curing time.

Like any other renovation project, roof replacement requires ample curing time for your home’s exterior. Curing conditions such as temperate moisture conditions are key to a successful roof replacement. When the weather is unfavorable, achieving the required strength for your roof becomes trickier. With drier weather arriving in fall, suitable conditions are attained for the proper installation and curing of materials. It’s also important to note that when the roof is laden with snow during winter, roof shingles do not cure as well as they could during fall.

If you’re wondering what the cost of roof replacement in Georgia is for this autumn season, you can always turn to our experts at International Construction Services, Inc. We can provide answers to your questions, so you can get the best roofing for your home just before the winter weather arrives. To get started, give us a call at (803) 699-5106 or complete our contact form. We’ll be ready to assist you.