Are you thinking about your next choice of commercial roofing? If your existing roof is failing and needs a replacement, choosing a new one may seem like a daunting task due to the extensive range of options available on the construction market these days. A good starting point when choosing a new commercial roof is to understand that every building owner’s requirements are unique. However, there are some key factors that should be considered in determining the right roof for a commercial structure.

Of course, you’ll want to choose a system that will keep your building dry and structurally sound for years. Not all roofs are the same, so to help you narrow down your choices, International Construction Services, Inc., your trusted contractor for commercial and new construction roofing, shares a few important considerations.

1. Budget

First, you need to set aside a specific budget for your upgrade. The cost of commercial roofs varies depending on several factors, so to help you with the planning process, ask for quotes from different roofing companies. As much as possible, be honest about the amount you’re willing to spend, so your roofer can offer the best solution that meets your needs and budget.

2. Roofing Contractor

The overall quality of your commercial roof doesn’t rely solely on the materials used, but on the quality of workmanship, as well. That said, it’s crucial that you work only with a trusted and experienced roofing company in Columbia. While there are many qualified contractors out there, it’s not ideal to choose the first one you find or the one who offers the cheapest bid. Do your research, and learn about the licenses, certifications, warranties, and other credentials they carry. You can also ask for a list of references that you can contact and read online reviews on their website. 

3. Tenants and Clients

Replacing your commercial roof is just like any construction project — filled with noise, dirt, and other disruptions. While it may evidently affect your tenants and customers coming to your property, it is your responsibility to set expectations straight and inform them about the specifics of the project. For example, you can put up signs throughout your property regarding the contractor details and timeline of the job, along with hazard warnings.

4. Building Codes

Building codes are important, as they dictate a lot of things about how your project should be executed. Knowing building codes will help you choose a suitable roofing material for your building and how it should be installed. An experienced and professional roofer should be knowledgeable in building codes and ensure your new commercial roof complies with them. 

5. Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient roofs help in minimizing energy costs and keeping your building’s interior comfortable by reflecting UV rays and solar heat. Be sure to ask your contractor about energy-efficient options. 
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