The hurricane season is upon us again! With August and September being the peak months for hurricanes in South Carolina, many local homeowners are preparing for possible damage brought by these powerful tropical systems. Insurance that protects against storm damage is always helpful, especially roof-focused policies. Unfortunately, in some cases, the industry will pit property owners against every issue to get their insurance claims approved. However, trustworthy and professional roofers will always put you and your property on top of their list.

Complete Roofing Services

International Construction Services, Inc., the leading provider of emergency roofing services in the region, shares some of the common situations wherein expert roofers can help you sort out your storm damage claims.

Detailed Documentation of Damage

Documentation is a critical part of getting your storm damage insurance claim honored the first time. Professional roofers can provide a detailed damage report, including photos and video clips, for your review. Most of the time, submitting these documents is sufficient for insurers to grant a claim. Doing so may even save you time, since insurers might waive their right to have an adjuster personally examine the damage.

Itemized Estimates for Roofing Works

Itemized estimates from trustworthy contractors protect your wallet when it’s time to pay for a roof leak repair, restoration, or replacement job. They also help minimize the risk for your insurance company. Estimates that make it easy to determine the real cause of damage mean insurers can grant claims without worrying about homeowners or roofers taking advantage of the money. Plus, it gives you peace of mind knowing there will be no hidden costs to get your roof repaired.

Clear Communication With the Insurance Adjuster

Consultations enable roofers to see the general state of your roofing system after a storm. In doing so, they have enough data to support your insurance claim. Aside from documenting the damage and providing estimates, reputable contractors will also be with you during every step of the claims process to make sure they represent the smallest details of your roofing damages.

Their technical explanations are generally helpful because adjusters fully understand the smallest details and intricacies of construction materials, foundations, installations, warranties, and other areas involving your damaged roof. This way, you’ll be able to make the most of your storm damage insurance. 

Prompt Repairs and Replacement

After thoroughly examining the damage, providing estimates, and working with you and the insurer, trusted roofers will also recommend whether a repair or a replacement is necessary. After you receive approval of your insurance claim, your roofer should arrange with the adjuster to receive their repair or replacement service checks. Then, they will work out a convenient schedule with you to start performing the necessary roof replacement or roof repair in Columbia, SC

If you have yet to find the best among the hundreds of roofing companies in Columbia, SC, you don’t need to look further. You can always count on us at International Construction Services, Inc. to help with all your roofing concerns and storm damage insurance claims. Contact us today at (803) 699-5106 or complete our contact form to learn more about everything we can do for you.