Georgia weather isn’t exactly the most consistent in the country. It can be cold and cloudy one day, the next day it’s in the high 80s, then the next it’s raining cats and dogs. Georgia is notorious for its “crazy” weather patterns and its residents sometimes have no idea how to deal with these conditions. One of the most likely victims of crazy Georgia weather is the roofs of local homes. After all, these roofs are what takes the brunt of the damage when inclement weather hits.

Metal Roofing

If this is the first time you’re getting your roof replaced due to roofing damage, we’re sure you have several questions you want to ask. International Construction Services, Inc., the go-to copper roof installation contractor in Georgia, answers some frequently asked questions about roofing replacement.

Question #1: What are the most common roofing issues in the region?

The number one would probably be storm damage. Storm damage on your roof can take a number of forms, but it occurs mostly when winds are high, rain is extreme, and even when hailstones fall. Most Georgians notice damage to their roof either immediately after a storm, with missing shingles evident, or during the next time it rains when water seeps through the house. Other common problems are clogged gutters and structural damage caused by fallen trees.

Question #2: How much would it cost me to install a new roof?

According to the Cost vs. Value 2021 report, a standard metal roof installation in Atlanta costs roughly $46,000 – inclusive of materials and labor costs. This isn’t a fixed price, however, as roofing projects are generally affected by a variety of variables, such as the extent of the upgrade, the materials you’re getting, and the size of your property. Before signing a contract, be sure that you have a contingency fund set aside in case you will need to make changes in your original plan.

Question #3: How do I choose the right roofer?

Get a detailed quote from your potential roofer and make sure it shows everything that was discussed in your meeting. It’s also important to ask for referrals and speak to some previous customers. Confirm that the roofer cleaned up after themselves, finished the job when they said they would, addressed any issues proactively, and didn’t stray away from the contract.

Question #4: How long will it take to finish the replacement?

Typically, a roofing project can be completed in one to three days. Although many factors can determine how long your installation will take, including the roof size, pitch, degree of damage, and the weather. It may take up to a week or more if your roof needs an extensive upgrade.

When it comes time to install a new standing metal seam roof at your Georgia home, you don’t want to settle for just anyone. The roof is the backbone of the home and protects not only your valuables, but also your family. You deserve comprehensive protection that you can rely on for many years.
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