Many South Carolina families love building a home near the ocean. From scenic views to breathing in the fresh ocean air, there are plenty of benefits of living in a coastal area. However, that same air can also be detrimental when it comes in contact with various metal types. In most cases, exposure to salt air results in corrosion or rusting, which can cause a metal roof to get damaged and replaced prematurely.

Copper Roofing Installation

Coastal homes within 3,000 feet of the ocean are most prone to metal corrosion; however, it’s smart for any homes within a mile of the coast to install only coastal-friendly metals to minimize the possibility of rusting.

As the leading new construction roofing company in the region, International Construction Services, Inc., we understand why this is a major concern. That is why we’ve manufactured and installed a wide range of metal roofing with waterfront properties. Here are some of the best metal roofing types to consider in your South Carolina home is located near the ocean:

Copper Roof

A traditional yet beautiful material that provides long-lasting protection, copper is popular for its strength, versatility, and long service life. Unlike common metals, it doesn’t corrode easily with salt exposure and is the most favored choice for coastal South Carolina homes. In addition, it doesn’t require frequent maintenance and provides decades of superior weather protection. This is one of the reasons why copper roofing is costlier than other alternatives. However, you’ll receive high ROI because it performs better than most materials when it comes to coastal weather.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

While standing seam is more of an aesthetic (coating) than a metal type, it deserves a spot on your metal roofing options. Most local metal roofers recommend this roofing type as it offers decades of excellent waterproofing and a high level of protection against high winds during storm season. Standing seam metal panels are locked together at the seams to allow for expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations. This metal roofing is therefore ideal for coastal homes, which tend to be prone to strong winds brought by tornadoes. Their extra coating also helps reduce the chances of corrosion due to salt water exposure.

5V Roof

Short for 5V-crimp metal, 5V roofs have five inverted V’s that run along the length of each panel — two at each end and one at the center. Modern 5V roofs are often created by mixing zinc and aluminum coating and are then secured with screws to the decking material. They are popular in coastal regions primarily due to their simple lines and robust structure, which help prevent damage caused by powerful coastal winds. They are similar in appearance to standing seam metal; their only difference is that %v roofs use a crimped connection to create the roof surface.

Aside from copper, standing seam metal, and 5V roofs, South Carolina coastal homeowners may also consider aluminum and zinc roofing. These options also share the same durability and rust resistance as the other materials discussed above.

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