From health resolutions and career development to home improvement plans, many people have begun working toward their 2023 goals. While some home renovation projects can be easily accomplished, others — a roof replacement, for example — require more time and planning than you ever think.

Roof Replacement

First of all, it can be tricky to determine whether it’s really time to replace your old roof or if regular maintenance tasks can still manage the issues. For instance, your shingles look drab, and you may have a leak or two to deal with. It’s probably time for you to invest in a new roof, but maybe you can get another year or two out of it? Will repairs be enough, or is it time for a complete replacement? 

International Construction Services, Inc., the leading source of quality roofing in Columbia, SC, lists five signs you need a new roof at the start of the year.

  1. Your roof is old. Most roofs come with 20-year warranties, so if your roofing system hasn’t been replaced in over two decades, it’s only sensible to start thinking about putting a new one on your home. After all, old roofs are not only unpleasant to look at; they also put a risk on the safety of your foundation, as they are more prone to water penetration and mold than newer systems.
  1. Your shingles are impaired. Before making a decision, it’s important to conduct a visual examination of your roof’s shingles. If most of them appear wet, stained, curled, cracked, broken, or darker than normal (or are missing completely), then consider replacing all of them at once. Be sure, however, to perform your inspection on the ground and use a pair of binoculars to check your shingles. Close-up examinations on top of the roof must only be left to contractors who provide professional roofing services.
  1. Shingles are losing granules. When shingles start deteriorating, they break off into small pieces that resemble dark, coarse sand. If you begin seeing granules in your gutters, siding, and landscaping, they are likely coming from your roof. Shingle granules falling off indicate that your roof is now more vulnerable to moisture and weather damage, so before major damage occurs, it’s recommended that you consider getting a new roof.
  1. There are water stains and bubbling paint. A damaged, leaky roof can result in the deterioration of exterior paint around the roofline. But water also can seep into your home’s walls and stain your ceilings, too. If you see water stains in these areas, along with peeling and bubbling paint around the roof area, it’s probably a good time to replace your old roof.
  1. Your energy bills are increasing. A good roof acts as an insulator against unwanted heat and cold. If it’s not doing its job, you’ll notice rising energy bills, because your HVAC system is having to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Think you need a new roof based on these signs? We got you! International Construction Services, Inc. offers a wide range of high-quality products from the leading roof brands on the market. We can help you pick the best system for your needs this new year. To get started, simply call us at (803) 699-5106 or complete our form.