There are plenty of roofing types on the market today, but many homeowners choose asphalt shingles for their roofs due to their affordability and reliable performance. They have watertight, wind-resistant seals that protect roofs from rain, wind, snow, and ice damage. While that is their main purpose, they are also popular because of their simple yet beautiful design.

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If you’re replacing your asphalt roofing shingles, choosing the right color to complement the rest of your architectural elements such as the siding and windows can result in an eye-catching exterior. Not only will you want to be satisfied every time you look up at your roof, but the wrong shingle color could also hurt your chances of selling your home if you ever decide to sell it in the future. International Construction Services, Inc. shares a few tips to help you choose an appropriate shingle color for your next upgrade.

  • Factor in your home’s structure. A steep roof makes the shingles more visible from a distance. When choosing house roof colors, go for ones that enhance the architectural style of your home. It would also help to choose colors that accentuate fixtures like dormers and gables. For example, if most of your exterior features have muted colors, you may consider choosing a darker color roof to bring balance to your design. Professional roofing companies in South Carolina can recommend what shades or hues look best with your home features.
  • Take inspiration from nearby homes. The best way to decide what color shingles to pick and to get an idea of what your home will look like after the roof installation process is to take a look at neighboring houses in your community. Drive around your neighborhood and check other siding and roofing combinations, as well as roofing materials and shingle colors.
  • Pay attention to sunlight. The sun and shade on your home will make your shingle color look a bit different once the installation is complete versus what the colors appeared in a showroom. Before making a final decision, hold multiple roofing samples up to your home during different times of the day, so you can get a better idea of what they will look like when installed.

Owens Corning’s 2022 Shingle Color of the Year

Last October, Owens Corning introduced “Bourbon” as the 2022 Shingle Color of the Year, vividly describing it as “a palette of steely gray-blue mixed with black and with shades of toasty butterscotch”. It also has brown shades, adding warmth and elegance to the already unique color combinations.

A dark, rich shingle color, Owen Corning’s Bourbon goes perfectly well with a lighter home exterior, as it helps create a contrasting color scheme. For example, if you have subtle trims, windows, and siding in the palette of whites and creams, then choosing Bourbon as your new shingle color would be a great idea to emphasize your roof even more.
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