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With the intense summer heat — and storm season — just around the corner for South Carolina residents, it’s that time again to start preparing your home for all the things summer brings along with it. While it’s much easier to maintain roofs in summer than in winter, summertime comes with its own sets of challenges: scorching heat, intense sun and UV rays, and pop-up storms with powerful winds that can cause damage to a home’s exterior.


As the leading provider of residential, commercial, and emergency roofing services in the region, International Construction Services, Inc. knows how important it is to take extra precautions to keep your South Carolina home from damage — even in warmer weather. Below are handy strategies you can implement to protect your roof and reinforce its durability ahead of the summer season.

Remove Gutter Clogs

Start your preparation for summer by cleaning out your gutters and keeping them clear of debris throughout the season and the rest of the year. Most of the debris that builds up in your gutters, such as leaves and twigs, will fall into them during the summer months, so make it a point to maintain your gutters at least twice a year.

Look for Missing or Broken Shingles

It’s crucial to spot any missing shingles or tiles your roof may have because these may cause leaks, especially when those summer rainstorms arrive. Leaks can cause more damage to your home’s foundation and even pose a health risk as they could cause mold and mildew. Before summer arrives, take a few minutes to visually inspect your roof as part of your roofing maintenance routine. This will help you ensure that all shingles and tiles are accounted for.

Check Your Attic Insulation

Attic insulation becomes even more important during warmer months. With an effective and properly installed insulation in place, you can rest easy knowing unwanted, humid air will escape from the top of your home and won’t invade the rest of your living spaces. This way, you can relax without worrying about uncomfortable indoor heat. If your insulation is damaged, be sure to contact an expert right away to provide necessary repairs.

Examine the Protrusions and Openings In and Around Your Roof

Flashing and metal strips found in protrusions such as chimneys and skylights tend to deteriorate over time. As such, you should have any damaged extensions fixed before summer commences. If left unattended, the intense summer heat and rainstorms can cause further damage, affecting other areas of your roof. The deterioration also allows water to get under the roof surface, which is a grave concern. 

Trim Overhanging Branches

In South Carolina, the storm season begins in June and continues through November. Keep your roof safe from falling branches caused by powerful storms by trimming overhanging branches that surround your home’s main structure. Seek help from a professional to ensure your safety and your family’s.

Don’t let your home’s roof welcome summer without the attention it needs. Talk to the most trusted roofing company in Columbia — International Construction Services, Inc. We’ll help you keep your roof in top shape ahead of the summer season. To get a FREE estimate, call us at (803) 699-5106 or complete our contact form today.