Are you making New Year’s resolutions for your roof? A lot of homeowners don’t even pay attention to their roofs until they start causing problems, let alone make resolutions for them. While that is the case, making New Year’s resolutions for your roof is an excellent way to make sure you’re protecting your home and keeping it in tip-top condition. At the beginning of the new year, when you’re looking at all the ways you can enhance your life, why not include your roofing system in your plans?

When you have a healthy roof, you can prevent premature repairs, protect the interior of your home, and ensure your home looks great from the outside. International Construction Services, Inc., one of the premier contractors for new construction homes in Columbia and the nearby areas, share a few helpful New Year’s resolutions for your roof this 2022. However, while we say New Year’s, these are things you can and must strive for at any time of the year.

#1: Commit to a regular inspection schedule.

One of the best ways to care for your roof is to inspect the whole system regularly. As a homeowner, you can do this by performing a virtual check from the ground and looking for obvious damage such as cracked or missing tiles or shingles. Keep in mind, though, that the damage may sometimes be not visible to the untrained eye and that you should call in an expert roofing contractor such as International Construction Services, Inc. at least once or twice a year to catch the issues you don’t easily notice and nip them in the bud to avoid headaches and costly repairs down the road.

#2: Keep your roof clean and debris-free.

Cleaning your roof and other home components that touch it is also a crucial aspect that ensures the long life of your roof. Keeping your entire roofing system clean will also help your house become aesthetically pleasing all year, too. You can do this may keeping tree branches near your home trimmed back, clearing out debris from your gutters, and getting rid of any buildup of leaves on your roof if you can safely reach them. Did you know that piles of leaves on your roof can be a significant cause of damage? If you’re having trouble making sure that your roof is clean, you can always schedule roofing services from professional companies like International Construction Services, Inc.

#3: Do not delay repairs.

If you have noticed parts of your roof with damage, such as a missing shingle or broken flashing, get them fixed right away. Catching and resolving these problems in their early stages can help save money in the long run and could put off a premature roof replacement or expensive repairs down the line. By choosing to leave these “minor” inconveniences could result in huge leaks and access for unwanted pests.

A job well done is a job done with pride. International Construction Services, Inc. is one of the most trusted roofing contractors in Columbia, SC, and the nearby North Carolina and Georgia regions. Our team has everything it takes to make your home improvement a successful one. 
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