South and North Carolina, as well as Georgia, are some of the most vulnerable states in the U.S. to be frequented by hurricanes and tropical storms. That said, it’s understandable that local homeowners frequently deal with storm damage on their roofs.

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Damage to the roof, especially after a powerful storm has passed, can either be evident or hidden. No matter how extensive the damage is, it’s important to take immediate action to restore the roof to its original condition. For some reason, though, some homeowners still base their judgment on certain notions that have been dismissed as mere misconceptions.

Today, International Construction Services, Inc., the leading contemporary metal roof installer in the region, enumerates some of the most common storm damage myths and explains why you should never believe them.

Myth #1: You Shouldn’t Worry if There Is No Visible Damage

One of the key steps when dealing with storm damage is performing a visual inspection of the home’s exterior right after the storm. More often than not, homeowners will quickly conclude that their roofs aren’t damaged because they’re still visibly intact. On the contrary, their roofs could have small punctures, dents, cracks, or holes that could grow bigger if not addressed right away. Consulting a local roofer for an inspection is extremely vital regardless of the roof’s appearance following a storm.

Myth #2: All Roofs With Storm Damage Are Covered by Roofing Warranties

A lot of homeowners with newly installed roofing systems hold onto the belief that their warranties will cover any possible damage after a storm. However, this isn’t always true because even with extensive improvements in coverage, a roofing warranty can still be rendered void if the homeowner fails to check and document signs of storm damage. Be sure to reach out to trusted roofing contractors to help you inspect, document, and repair problems left by the recent storm.

Myth #3: Your Insurance Company Won’t Raise Rates if You Don’t File a Claim

Whether or not you file a claim for storm damage, your insurance company can still raise your home insurance premium after a storm. If you’ve filed claims before, been living in a house with a history of claims or live in an area that often experiences severe weather, there’s a greater chance that your rates will go up. That said, even if your roof only got minor damage, it is always best to pursue claims with your insurer. If done immediately, your roof and the rest of your home will be restored sooner.

Myth #4: You Don’t Have to File a Claim if the Damage Is Minor

If your roofing system sustained any form of damage, small or extensive, then you have a legitimate claim. Even if the damage is minor, it’s a smart move to contact a roofing expert to rectify the issue as soon as possible to avert more issues down the line.

When it comes to replacing damaged shingles, helping with your insurance claim, or installing a new roof, you can always count on the experts at International Construction Services, Inc. Give us a call at (803) 699-5106 or fill out our form today to schedule an appointment.